Lose Your Weight Through 1400 Calorie Meal Plan

If you are interested in losing your weight fast, you can try the 1400 calorie meal plan for a week. The method you will follow is arranged by measuring carbos consumption. Besides this plan, you can try the 1800 calorie meal plan or the lower-calorie diet program in the 1200 calorie keto meal plan.

What Is A 1400 Calorie Meal Plan?

1800 calorie meal plan
1800 calorie meal plan

The meal plan is tailored to make you energized when you are cutting the calories in your meals. You can feel satisfied with the plan you do per day since the plan is arranged based on the consumption of the calorie you need. This meal plan includes high protein food as well as the high fiber ones.

You will have a balance calorie menu to eat each day. It helps you to not feeling starved. This 1400 calorie meal plan can be done when you are ready to do the diet program. Besides, you can try the higher calorie consumption diet program before you start this kind of diet. It is the 1800 calorie meal plan. 

The Preparation of the 1400 calorie meal plan diet program

There is some food you can add to your meal plan when you are running this program to lose weight. They are nuts, eggs, smoked salmon, cheese, roasted chicken, edamame for the protein.

The vegetables you can add to your meal plan are cucumbers, carrots, soybean, cauliflower, the carrot zoodles, tomatoes. You can get the carbohydrate from the oatmeal, granola, rice.

Tips: make sure you arrange those meals into your daily menu, not more than 1400 calories.

The 1400 calorie meal plan recipes

1400 calorie meal plan
1400 calorie meal plan

The 1400 calorie diet menu is a must when you decide to do this diet. Here are the recipes for a day.

For your breakfast:

  • You can beat two eggs and add a little skimmed milk.
  • Then, you chop the smoked salmon, which is only 40 grams.
  • A little butter to pan-fry those ingredients.
  • Heat the butter on the pan, then put the beaten eggs to make the scrambled eggs. Then, add the chopped smoked salmon in it.
  • You can serve the scrambled eggs with a slice of toast.

For your lunch:

  • 150-gram lentils, six cherry tomatoes, one red pepper chopped. Then, fry-pan those with a little olive oil. Place them in a bowl after pan-frying.
  • Add 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar in the bowl and add 50-gram feta cheese.

For your dinner:

  • Prepare skinless chicken breast, then slice thinly.
  • Olive oil and diced red onion to make the fragrant good.
  • 1 tsp paprika and 200-gram tomatoes chopped
  • The greek yogurt which is 5 tbsp
  • One whole red pepper, sliced.
  • Brocolli and 250-gram potatoes as the carbohydrate
  • Mix all ingredients in the pan except the yogurt. Cook them for about 15 minutes. Place in a bowl, then adds the yogurt. Toss them well.

The  1400 calorie meal plan diet program will be faster to lose your weight if you combine it with the exercise every day. Happy Dieting!

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