The Information You Have To Know About Slow Carb Diet Recipes

The slow-carb diet is one of the diet programs that can be an option to lose weight fast. This diet allows protein assumptions more than carbohydrates. The slow carb diet recipes will consist of the protein, unlike the renal diet recipes. What information do you need to know about this kind of diet program?

Slow Carb Diet Recipes

slow carb diet recipes
slow carb diet recipes

The slow-carb diet recipes which are made by the dietitians will help you to burn the fat in your body excessively. The recipes are based on the programs you follow in the slow carb diet. The rules stated in this diet program is essential to be obeyed.

They are to maximize the metabolism in your body as well as the renal diet recipewhich is essential for the persons who have kidney disease. What should be eaten and not in this diet? Here are the guidelines to make your slow carb diet recipes.

The food you can eat and the opposite in the slow carb diet recipes

There are several foods you have to eat and avoid running this diet to get maximum results.

  • You can eat beans, vegetables, lean meat, egg, chicken breast, black bean, grass-fed beef, soybeans, red beans, kimchee.
  • You can’t eat sugar, rice, pasta, bread, and cheese. Then, high calories beverages are not allowed during the program. But, a couple of glasses of red wine is still okay.
  • No fruits, but tomatoes and avocadoes are good at running the program

The slow carb diet recipes for breakfast

When you run this program of diet, you need to include the food below in your breakfast menu. They are:

  • Three eggs and three slices of bacon
  • A half cup of black beans combined with two eggs
  • The broccoli frittata that are three servings added by six eggs

You can choose one of the recipes to have your daily breakfast menu.

The slow carb diet recipes for lunch and dinner

For lunch and dinner, you can select the menu below.

  • Mixed vegetables with the roasted chicken
  • The green beans or asparagus on the chicken/low-fat beef
  • The mustard-crusted pork with mushroom and spinach. Make sure that you eat the free-fat pork.
  • The meat in curry soup.

The beverages allowed in the diet

renal diet recipe
renal diet recipe

If drinking many fluids in the renal diet recipe is not allowed, in the slow carb diet recipes, you will find out that the program wants you to drink much water is preferable. The other beverages allowed are unsweetened tea or coffee, diet soda, but it is limited one per day and red wine with a maximum of 2 glasses each day.

You can eat anything on the ‘cheat day,’ but you have to stick on the slow carb diet recipes on the other days. The ‘cheat day’ is allowed once in a week. If you run the program of renal diet, this eating anything is not permitted in the renal diet recipe. So, all you have to keep in mind is to know the rules of the diet program you have to follow.

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